Golden Fall

This picture was taken near Amalfi, Italy, in the entrance of one of the farms located on the mountain, on November 2017. This area is more popular during the summer, when the sea views are amazing, but the roads are heavily crowded. I decided to go there on November, to catch the more dramatic light and colorful trees during the Autumn and enjoy the rather free Amalfi road, passing a summer time 4 hours driving within about 20 minutes.

The day I arrived at Amalfi road was cloudy. Looking up at the mountain, I saw that more clouds and fog are gathering and decided to leave the road and climb to the villages on the mountain.
The golden color of the leaves on the ground, the mysterious fog above and the contrast with the green plants, caught my eye and made me lie down and grasp the magical moment.
Using the lens, I used for this picture, I try to follow the rule of using aperture smaller than f/16 and as lower ISO as possible to minimize the noise and allow printing the photo in large sizes. While taking this picture, it was important for me to get the whole depth in focus. Using focus stacking could be ideal if the wind wouldn’t make the trees and leaves on the ground and the fog above move constantly. Having no other choice, I reached the limits of my rule and I’m happy I succeeded to get the result I had in my mind.

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